Strengthening the Safety and
Health Management System

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. is continuously strengthening the system by creating a safe and healthy workplace and establishing and implementing the Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001) for the safety of employees, partners, and local communities.

  • Organization for Safety
    and Health Management

  • Regular laboratory

  • Risk assessment

  • a precise safety

  • Work environment

Strengthen quality control system

Through the Quality Management System (ISO 9001), we will strengthen the system not only to continuously develop new technologies, but also to realize customer satisfaction through quality improvement and to grow the company.

  • Quality control
    through PDCA

  • Establishment of
    Quality Management System

  • Achieved 100% customer
    complaint handling

Building a harmonious corporate culture

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. will establish a human rights management system for harmony between employees, harmony with stakeholders, and harmony among members of society and build a corporate culture for the human rights of workers.

safety and health policy

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. prioritizes the value of safety and health and improves the safety and health management system for the safety of all stakeholders, including executives and employees. ISO 45001 (Safety and Health Management System) is certified, safety and health policies and goals are established, and safety and health activities are planned and implemented.

health policy

Improvement and strengthening of the safety and health management system

Priority on safety and health values and creating a pleasant workplace

Compliance with safety and health regulations and ensuring internal and external reliability

Identifying harmful and risk factors in advance and thoroughly preventing activities

Encourage active workers to participate in the discovery of harmful and risk factors

Establish a smooth communication system with all stakeholders

Periodic inspection for compliance with safety and health policies


100% medical examination and follow-up measures are carried out

100% of all executives and employees for mandatory safety and health training

100% laboratory monthly safety inspection rate achieved

Work environment measurement twice/year, laboratory safety inspection once/year, risk assessment once/year

Social management indicators

2020 2021 2022
employment Total number of employees 75 85 86
employment type permanent employee 75 85 86
contract worker 0 0 0
type of occupation R&D 38 43 44
office work 22 25 26
Gender woman 16 19 18
man 59 66 68
age 20 16 19 17
30 30 33 33
40 23 25 26
50~ 6 8 10
The average length of service 6.7 6.7 7
Executive status woman 0 0 0
man 6 7 7
New Recruitment and Retirement New Recruitment all 8 15 10
the proportion of women 1 6 2
the proportion of men 7 9 8
turnover rate 8 6 12
Education Statutory compulsory education Training hours per person 4 4 4
safety and health education regular 4 4 4
New Recruitment 3 10 8
Management supervisor 2 1 1
Occupational Safety industrial accident rate 0 0 0

Charter of Human Rights Management

Under the ideology of human respect, Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. respects and supports all rights that must be guaranteed as human beings of all stakeholders, including executives and employees.

Social contribution activities

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. values social responsibility for corporate profit creation and regularly sponsors children with deficits to strive for the public interest of society.