Charter of Corporate Ethics

Based on ethical and moral values, SHIN-A T&C Co., Ltd. aims for fair and transparent competition, and will become a company trusted by the state and society through corporate activities that respect the order of the free competition market and comply with the spirit of law.

Value should be created through ethical management activities and the interests of stakeholders, countries and society should be pursued. Therefore, with a new mindset, SHIN-A T&C will act as follows!

  • We perform our duties honestly and fairly with a high sense of ethics.

  • We fulfill our social responsibilities as corporate citizens.

  • We generate legitimate profits through creativity and innovation.

  • We strive to promote the rights of consumers and customers.

  • We aim for environmentally friendly management.

  • We contribute to the development of the community.

  • We strive to comply with and practice the above charter to become a trusted enterprise by stakeholders, members of society, and even the people.