Establishment of Environmental
Management System

As a chemical parts and materials company in the electrical and electronic field, Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. is striving to comply with environmental standards not only in Korea but also abroad by introducing an environmental management system (ISO 14001) to make the best efforts for environmental management such as monitoring environmental impact and compliance with regulations, air and greenhouse gas emissions management, and development of eco-friendly products.

Monitoring Environmental Impact

We conduct self-monitoring to minimize the impact on the environment, such as minimizing pollutant emissions and preparing measures to reduce waste generation. In addition, by developing and producing eco-friendly products, we are moving toward a company that thinks about the environment and the future.

Environmental policy

  • compliance with environmental laws and regulations

  • reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Minimize environmental pollutant emissions

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. recognizes management for the environment as a core value along with the continuous growth of the company, and is improving through constant interest and effort in environmental issues.

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. has established and implemented environmental policies to minimize environmental pollutant emissions from domestic and foreign environmental laws, research and development activities, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to global carbon generation regulations.

environmental goals

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. aims to reduce waste generated in the workplace and reduce waste disposal costs as a share of total sales. In addition, it is participating in global carbon reduction activities by reducing the cost of energy (power, fuel) consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost of waste disposal less than 0.08%

Energy consumption less than 0.07%

Environmental Indicators Management

Sortation 2020 2021 2022
Greenhouse gas
SCOPE 1 73.78 73.44 73.07
SCOPE 2 182.28 180.01 201.44
Total Emissions 256.06 253.45 274.51
Emissions in KRW of sales 0.002640 0.001837 0.002160
Emissions in KRW of cost of sales 0.003152 0.002163 0.002563
Energy consumption 4.91 4.85 5.26

SCOPE 1 : Fossil fuels (petrol, diesel) / SCOPE 2: Power usage

Waste management

Shin AT&C Co., Ltd. entrusts treatment and operation of designated wastes generated by research and development, and continues to monitor them to minimize the amount generated.